School Annual Report

Annual School Report

The annual school report is a reflection of our achievements, endeavours, aspirations and activities of the past one year.


The mission statement of the school epitomises our beliefs, philosophy, values and ethos. This lays emphasis on the holistic development of the students through experiential education.

Our journey towards excellence continues for enrichment and development of the students on intellectual, spiritual, physical and moral levels. At Vivek High , life becomes a ground where, through learning and experience, students imbibe organisational skills, critical thinking abilities, public speaking skills, sense of social responsibility, leadership qualities and a global mindset, all of which are truly the attributes of a 21st century learner.


Under the able stewardship of the Principal Mrs. Renu Puri, the school has taken many steps forward towards holistic education of the students. 


The first step that a child takes into the portals of Vivek High. 


Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the child and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences in the environment. This is how Maria Montessori describes education. 

The Junior Wing is now an 'Environment' that offers the child this opportunity to have the experiences required for education in the true sense.

An education acquired by children who are driven by inner motivation.


The kindergarten classrooms have been functional as prepared environments for the last three years now. This academic year, Class 1 classrooms were upgraded to a Montessori setup to suit the needs of these 'New Children' who have spent three years in Montessori Kindergarten.

The children after 3 years of Montessori curriculum are eager learners who imbibe all information available in their environment. These children have amazing listening skills and nothing escapes their attention. Exhibiting a need for applying what they have learnt in Kindergarten, these children are now working more on paper and authenticating their work through Montessori material. 

The staff have been undergoing enrichment programmes to prepare themselves for the environments. Ms. Meenu Sahi, the Head of Junior Wing has successfully completed the AMI Elementary Diploma for ages 6-12 years under Mr. Greg Macdonald, Director of Elementary Education at Montessori Institute in San Diego, USA. Ms. Sahi also observed the Montessori Accredited School Environment in Forest Bluff Montessori School in Chicago for three weeks. This school was started in 1982. Ms. Sahi did practice teaching for four weeks in the largest Montessori School in Spain which came into being 50 years ago.


Ms. Anita Joel has also successfully completed the AMI Diploma Course for ages 6-12 years and is now assisting Ms. Sahi to train staff for Montessori Elementary Classes. Staff members of Classes 1 and 2 have been undergoing in-house intensive training and have also gone for short workshops and trainings to Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.


The Kindergarten Staff along with the Junior Wing Head, Ms. Meenu Sahi and the Junior Wing Coordinator, Ms. Minna Mann have been working hard for the last 2 years and are now in the process of completing their Diplomas for the AMI Course for ages 3-6 years.


A deeper understanding of the Montessori pedagogy and the Absorbent Mind of the child led to the decision of lowering the entry age of Toddlers Class to 18 months. This decision has yielded great success.

Furniture and setting has been downsized to facilitate the child to experience functional independence.


Celebrations in the Junior Wing are aimed at making children culturally aware and well informed. It gives the children experiences that enrich their minds and make them open minded and tolerant. The children can be seen partaking langar on Gurpurab, celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Baisakhi, Easter and thanking their didis on labour day.


The children of kindergarten travelled to different

regions of India to celebrate the different cultural and religious festivals of our country such as Makar Sakranti, Durga Puja, Lohri, Dusherra, Diwali and other National Festivals. 

Each musical morning was vibrant, festive, full of songs, stories and colourful dances.


The students of Kindergarten, embarked on an odyssey through space. The experience was nothing short of stellar and every child’s imagination was fuelled with the knowledge they gained through the whole process of enactment, songs, dance and learning in the classes about the Solar System and their own Milky Way Galaxy.


This year’s annual production, Annie by Class 3 was exhilarating. The children performed with great confidence. The singing by the choir was par excellence and the music was foot tapping. The production was very well received by the audience. The play was directed by Mr. Vikram Mamik. 


The Class specific thematic assemblies are an annual feature of the Junior Wing that gives each and every child an opportunity to perform before an audience and gain confidence. The thematic assemblies this year covered various festivals and other relevant topics. The children conveyed the essence of their topics through dance dramas, songs and poetry recitations.


This session saw some thrilling intra class soccer matches by Classes 1, 2 and 3. 


To bring about a collaboration between the parents and the school, the parents of Nursery, LKg and UKg students were invited to observe the children at work in the Montessori Environments.

The parents gave an encouraging feedback. 


Cooking activity in kindergarten has emerged highly beneficial in many ways. 

The idea behind parents providing raw material instills a gratifying feeling in the child of providing food to his/her community.

It inculcates a feeling of sharing resources.

The kids become self reliant by involving themselves in preparation of meals.

The children get exposed to eating a variety of foods and it eliminates the habit of fussing over food.     


The students of classes 1, 2 and 3 availed a wonderful opportunity to visit a traveling exhibition titled 'For the Greatest benefit of Humankind' by Nobel Media (Sweden) on the lawns of National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) campus. The exhibition was highly interactive and showcased the contributions of Nobel Laureates. 


Keeping in mind the value of sports for the development of children, the Junior Wing held its Annual Sports Day. As many as 750 children from the primary and pre-primary classes participated in various events such as the march past, sports drill and a wide variety of races.

The next step that a student takes is in the Senior Wing, class 4 onwards.

We now present the Academic Achievements of our students in the Board Examinations. 


Our grade 10 and 12 students did us proud with an excellent result in the board exams.

CLASS 10: 56 students out of 115 from class ten scored above 90% 


Gurnoor Minhas

Damita Prashar

Gayantika Singh

Aaditya Sohal

Baani Sandhu

Pratul Singh Raghava

Disha Mulwani

Ananya Sreen

Shivansh Khurana

Sakshi Goyal

Arshiya Kishore


Pranaya Joshi

Nirbhay Singh Sandhu

Adhiraj Ahuja

Rajinder Singh

Srishti Kumari

Vasu Gupta

Pavit Singh Kharbanda

Japan Ajit Singh Gandhi

Ahaan Bansal

Keshav Aggarwal

Pushkar Sharma

Harshita Singla

Nayna Nagpal

Aditi Kaushik

Kriti Iyer Basaiawmoit

Mudit Madan

Bhavit Bajaj

Bani Jindia

Pratham Ralhan

Snehil Saini

Pavneet Kaur

Asadh Singh


Saanvi Bhatia

Adab Singh Mann

Parth Gupta

Surya Singha

Ganya Sandhu

Raghav Kanda

Arjun Sameer Kumar 

Kshitij Gupta

Anmol Armaan

Janvi Rattan Atre

Sitanshu Pathania

CLASS 12: In class twelve, out of a batch of 108 students , 33% of students scored above 90% and 69% of students scored above 80%.



Pratham Kalra Commerce 97.2

Riya Arora Humanities 96.8

Prakirti Gaur Science 96

SCHOLAR BLAZER– The scholar blazer is awarded to students who have maintained an overall percentage of at least 91% for 3 consecutive years. This year we have 36 scholar blazer awardees. 


Kashvi Wadhwa 

Saadhit Goyal 

Suhani Garg 

Aryan Garg 

Prabhmeet Singh Gujral 

Ateeksh Suri 

Sairah Mamik 

Dia Lekhi 

Aarya Jaidka 

Mukul Chhabra 

Ishnoor Singh Gulati

Harbaaz Singh Dhillon 

Saumya Verma 

Piya Kamal Sodhi 

Mehreet Kaur 

Shaurya Mittal 

Kabir Sethi 

Anant Jain 

Hiral Thakur 

Hritvik Chhabra 


   Kashveen Kaur

  Nitya Gupta 

  Sanaa Jaitly 

  Harkirat Kaur 

   Kashish Aggarwal

   Aarav Kaushik 

   Mannat Singh 

   Samaira Tewari 



Anoushka Malik

Nehmat Ladhar 

Dilraj Dhillon 

Namish Goyal 

Ananyaa Jaggi 

Varleen Kaur 

Uday Sharma 

Simran Datta

Second time Awardees

Mayush Kumar

Ashima Garg

Brahamnoor Singh

Lakshayjeet Singh

Dhriti Jain

Harshit Singh


MERIT SCHOLARS- Merit scholars are those students who have achieved the highest percentage in their respective grades (which has 4 sections) in the entire academic session.


Samiya Gupta 4C- 98%

Mannat Verma 5A- 97.1%

Mukul Chhabra 6A- 97.2%

Akshaj 7D- 97.6%

Saanvi Singla 8C- 96.8%

Ashima Garg 9A- 96.4%

Geetanshu Mallik 11C1- 91.3%


Anhad Singh-Athletics 

Prachi Bhatia -Basketball 

Aditi Kaushik Basketball                                       

Ekeesha Gill Basketball 

Misha Sood Basketball 

Anushka Khanna Basketball 

Harnur Singh Basketball 

Arnav Mangla Basketball 

Tejbir Singh Basketball 

Kunwarveer Singh Taluja Basketball 

Abhishek Kumar Basketball 

Sai Ansh Mahajan Basketball 

Zohra Dhandona Basketball 

Aamodini Arya Football 

Ojas Football 

Aryan Singh Golf 

Aditi Yerram Rifle Shooting

Sanjam Sant Pal Singh Rifle Shooting

Ishaan Nayar Squash 

Ivraj Ranuta Cricket

Rajasvini Kaur Basketball

Aryan Garg Fencing 

Siya Sabharwal Fencing 

Tegh Singh Brar Football 

Agamdeep Singh Khehra Football 

Aryansh Yadav Football 

Aditi Arya Football 

BEST ALL ROUND STUDENT- Each year the Best All Round Student Trophy is awarded to a student for the display of rare and valuable personal and social qualities , generosity of spirit, academic prowess, teamwork and the ability to lead, motivate and have a positive impact on the peer group. Last year, the Best All Round Student trophy was awarded to two students- Pratham Kalra and Ishan Bagai.


Each year the Epitome of Vivek is awarded to a student who has truly epitomised the philosophy of Vivek High. Their exceptional ability to imbibe the ethos of the school in the highest ideals of justice, honour and responsibility are commendable. 

Noor Bhatia and Riya Sharma were felicitated with the title of The Epitome of Vivek.


Jagriti is an approach to educating students with special educational and social needs. This special cell frequently uses the inclusion model for selected students with mild to moderate special needs. 


Yesheevardanbir Singh Rathore has made the school proud by achieving many accolades in the fields of music, sports and computers.tGELF

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) is a programme initiative of The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation whose vision is to nurture young ethical leaders that will be the future agents of change. Vivek High has been associated with tGELF for nearly a decade. 

SQUARE ONE CLUB- The Square One Club at Vivek High is an organisation that teaches and encourages us to extend a helping hand to the underprivileged and to respect the basic necessities of life and not take them

for granted. The members do their part of service for the development and nurturing of others. 


With insightful assessments for each child, from beginners right up to advanced , progressive development of integrated performances  and communication skills,  the Trinity College London examinations  at Vivek High are synonymous with confidence, creativity and skills. Every year our students take these internationally recognised structured exams namely -  ‘Speech and Drama’, ‘Communication Skills’, 'Plays in Production' and ‘Performance Arts’  Grades Initial  to Grade 8, group, pair and solo .  

Our Annual School Play, “And Then They Were None” was awarded a distinction by the Trinity Examiner, Ms Freny Bharucha








Each year several workshops and professional development opportunities are conducted for the faculty and staff of the school. 

In addition to this, Our Head of Science Department, Ms. Poorva Batra, has been nominated by the Government of India for National Science Teachers Conference in Kolkata. It is the largest Science Festival in the world. 


Our commerce department presents numerous opportunities for the students to build their communication skills, problem solving skills and business acumen. 

Our students have participated in various competitions like Kirloskar Interschool Business Quiz, St. John's High School Business Quiz, Learning Paths School Business Conclave and have won laurels for the school.


The social science department engaged their students in various educational excursions and activities related to the Heritage Lab, which emphasises on practical learning. Our students visited the Capitol Complex to get an insight into our judiciary . They even visited the Rashtrapati Bhavan and Red Fort Museum. These educational trips assist students in understanding our rich cultural history. HINDI DEPARTMENT

The various Inter-house and Inter-school events that took place over the year helped students develop their communication skills in the hindi language.


This year the French Department introduced the French Quiz for students of classes 7 to 10.



The aim of PASCH is to establish a network of at least 1000 partner schools spanning the globe and in doing so encourage young people to take an interest in modern Germany and its society.

Vivek High School became a PASCH school in 2008 and German is being offered as a third language in school.

Under this programme the students get an opportunity to participate in many youth camps and exchange programmes in India and abroad.


Punjabi language is being taught in Vivek High School as second and third language from class v to x. The sole purpose of Punjabi department is to keep the essence of Punjabi culture alive among the students along with modern techniques. 


The english department offers to its students in addition to its academic work various opportunities like Interhouse, Interschool, National and International level competitions and programmes to hone their communication skills, critical thinking ability and creative skills. 

The many debates in which our students participate help them gain broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner's normal academic subjects. 

It Increases the  learners' confidence, poise, and self-esteem. It also Improves rigorous higher order and critical thinking skills.


This year the Science department has been busy exploring new avenues and opportunities to give the students a strong scientific temper.

Activities like Sky Watch and Advanced DNA Workshop help students understand scientific concepts by getting a hands on experience. 

Singapore International Science Camp was held at the National University of Singapore.  

Our students have excelled in various Olympiads like English, Science and Mathematics. 

The students visit a traveling exhibition titled 'For the Greatest benefit of Humankind' by Nobel Media (Sweden) on the lawns of National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) campus. 

With advanced technology taking over our world, we have already started preparing our students for the future, by enrolling them in the Robotics Activity. 

Robotics is an excellent multidisciplinary platform to impart practical, hands-on learning to children. Students at Vivek High School develop scientific enquiry skills, which allow them to investigate, plan, test and implement their ideas, enabling them to reach their full potential.


The JA Company gives hands on experience to senior students about running a company from its conception to its liquidation. Our 24 year old partnership with JA is the oldest in the north india. Because of their rich experiences with the ja company, many of our alumni have taken up professions related to finance , chartered accountancy, marketing, economics, law and management.

The JA student company 2018-19 namely ‘Tanzim Boite’  liquidated all its operations.

The 23 rd JA Student Company marked it’s beginning with the launch of Traper ‘N’ Ilyuziya “It’s The Illusion Fizz That Does The Bizz” featuring two products namely 3-D Illusion Mirror and Iron-on-Patches.


The eco club at Vivek High School empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects  instilling in them a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

OUTREACH- The outreach programme is a community service initiative which aims at compassion and a sense of social responsibility. The programme is an ongoing one and involves the entire student community of the senior school who extend support to the attendants of the patients of local hospitals like PGI.  

GLOBAL SOCIAL LEADERS SOCIETY- The Global Social Leaders Society of our school firmly believes that young people are the ones who are fearless to bring about change and make a difference. Its main aim is selfless service to the community. Their mission is focussing on social issues faced by the people and the GSL Society members chalk down plans to tackle these in the most efficient and practical ways. 

GLOBAL SOCIAL LEADERS WORLD SUMMIT-  is a unique two week leadership course at Wellington College, England. This programme brings together young people from across the World who are driven to bring social change on a global scale. The programme inculcated in  students an array of new skills and made them a part of a worldwide network of inspiring young leaders.

INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR YOUNG PEOPLE is an award for school students worldwide with a focus on adventure and community service. 


The Career Fest 2019 was held at the school in which Universities from India and abroad were invited to interact with students and apprise them of opportunities available for career choices and admissions in college. 


The Adolescence Education Programme was conducted for the students of classes 7,8 and 9. Professional resource persons were invited to address the children. 


Job shadowing is a good practice of giving students hands on experience of working in a professional environment in their holidays. We have imbibed this concept of apprenticeship from St. Stithians College South Africa. Each year our students join professionals in their holidays for work experience in different fields. 


Model United Nations also known as MUN, is an educational simulation and an academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.

 Our school has been attending as well as hosting Model United Nations for the last 9 years. 

 The student delegates are placed in committees and assigned countries, organizations or political figures to represent. Delegates conduct research before conferences, formulate positions and come up with policy proposals that, they will then debate with their fellow delegates in the committee representing their respective countries. 

In today’s world it is important that our students imbibe a spirit of internationalism and global empathy. The Model United Nations offers the perfect platform to do so.


Vivek High students get ample opportunities to hone their leadership skills through different responsibilities and roles. The school has a strong student council which facilitate and inspire the student community and work as a bridge between the school management and the student body. The leadership team is selected through a rigorous process of selection.


Vivek high has excelled in varied sporting activities and continues to do so.  


The sports blazer is awarded to a student who has participated at the international level in the Indian team, secured a position at the national school games or cbse nationals, participated in the national school games twice Or

Has secured a position at the UT Interschool/CBSE Interschool twice, representing the school. 

The discipline of the student and participation in the other intramural and extramural competitions is also considered.

This year 27 students were awarded the Sports Blazer for their exemplary performance in their respective fields. 

Over the years our students have won many accolades in various sports and games at National and International levels. 

Our achievers are from various fields like Squash, Skating, Inline Hockey, Fencing, Golf, Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Basketball, Football, Chess and Athletics. 

The competitions help the students in developing sportsman spirit, flexibility, physical fitness, and a sense of commitment to their respective sports. Their exemplary performances motivate them to perform even better in the future.

The school believes in the holistic development on various levels, therefore, physical fitness has played a pivotal role in our students overall growth. 


Round Square is a network of more than 217 schools worldwide and its philosophy is based on the 6 Ideals Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Our school curriculum has imbibed the Discovery Framework in more ways than one. All the activities of the school are connected deeply with the 6 Ideals of Round Square. 

This year our students participated in many Round Square Community Service Projects in India and abroad. The students return  enriched with a sense of social responsibility and compassion. 

The Round Square Student Exchange Programme is challenging and rewarding for students inculcating in them an appreciation for diversity, ability to adjust in a new cultural environment and develop global social skills. 

This year the students attended numerous conferences in india as well as abroad. The themes of the conferences are based on the Round Square Ideals and enrich the student delegates in honing their international understanding, communication  skills ,spirit of adventure ,service and social responsibility. 

Our school became a global member of  round square  in 2003, our school activities are based on the ethos and ideals of round square.


The alumni of the school under the Ex Vivekite Association have been very proactive in strengthening the network and direct engagements with the present students on various levels. 

Period Of Silence

To bring about spiritual enrichment, a period of silence is observed at the beginning of each morning assembly. We have taken the spiritual dimension a step further by emphasizing on introspection and reflection as a habit of mind which will lead to the enrichment of inner landscape of young minds. 


Each year is another milestone in the journey of learning and growth. A lot has been achieved, still, a lot remains to be done. There are many milestones still unexplored and undiscovered.....


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